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FPC Bench 3.1 Changelog.
  • Many new features and bug fixes:
  • Added a test to check for maximum memory capacity:
  • FPC Bench is now able to output the maximum amount of allocatable memory by JVM.
  • FPC Bench is now able to detect NEW important APIs:
  • JSR 271: Mobile Information Device Profile 3 (MIDP3).
  • JSR 272: Mobile Broadcast Service API for Handheld Terminals.
  • JSR 300: DRM API.
  • Capuchin API:
  • FPC Bench is now able to check for Capuchin API support.
  • FPC Bench 3.1 now runs on phones without 3D capabilities (JSR184).
  • If your phone does not support JSR184 please download the appropriate JAR file.
  • New look:
  • Splashscreen now supports widescreen resolution, new icon added.
  • Widescreen improvements:
  • Improved aspect ratio in landscape mode when running on widescreen screens.
  • Netmeter fix:
  • Fixed a bug in netmeter test that prevents some phones to scroll the form after the test is finished.
FPC Bench 3.0.3 Changelog.
  • Important bug fixes:
  • Certificate error:
  • This is an important fix release. FPC Bench 3.0.2 cannot be installed correctly on Nokia N95 and similar due to certificate error, fixed.
FPC Bench 3.0.2 Changelog.
  • New features and improved compatibility:
  • JVM touch screen support:
  • FPC Bench can now detect PointerEvents support and MotionPointerEvents support.
  • JSR 280 detection:
  • FPC Bench can now detect JSR280 XML API.
  • Added support for QHD resolution:
  • Added support for high resolution display, touch keypad are now disabled by default when 3Dimension test is running under Symbian S60 5th.
  • Improved performance when sending results:
  • Sending results are now much faster than before.
FPC Bench 3.0.1 Changelog.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Improved compatibility in 3D tests:
  • FPC Bench now uses a workaround to improve the compatibility of the 3D tests on some buggy phones.
FPC Bench 3.0 Changelog.
  • Many new features and bug fixes:
  • Added a new exciting 3D Benchmark for CPU and 3D hardware acceleration:
    • Low level, one spotlight.
    • Low level, two spotlights, textured.
    • Simple mesh, directional light.
    • Simple mesh, UV-Mapping, Catmull-Clark.
    • Perspective correction, ambient light.
    • Complex mesh, dynamic ligthing.
    • Complex mesh, multitexturing.
    • Particles simulation, dynamic lighting.
  • One version for all phones.
  • MIDP2.0 and Symbian60 versions have been dismissed. The new unified version is now able to run on both platforms.
  • New User Interface:
  • FPC Bench now uses contextual menus to improve usability.
  • Added a Saved Results section.
  • From now on every time you launch a test, FPC Bench will store your test result in the Saved Results section. Use this features to run as much tests as you can and then upload them to our database.
  • Improved NetMeter accuracy.
  • NetMeter is now able to test your GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA/WIFI connection speed in kbps (kilobit) and KB/sec (kilobyte) transfer rate.
  • Added a choicegroup in NetMeter.
  • This choicegroup let you choose to select download test, upload test or both.
  • Resizable splash screen.
  • Splash screen is now automatically resized to fit your screen resolution.
  • Calc removed.
  • Dropped support for calculator.
  • Better power saving management.
  • Fixed a bug in the update menu.
  • Fixed a bug that prevent some phones to check for a new version.
  • 2M multi thread gauge fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the 2M multi thread gauge that caused concurrency issues.
  • Internet is now the favourite default channel to send us results.
  • You can send us your results directly from FPC Bench, you can choose to send it by Internet or SMS, please prefer the internet way, it's cheaper for you and easier for us :)
  • Info Tool menu renamed in System Info.
FPC Bench 2.7.14 Changelog.
  • New features and bug fixes:
  • FPC Bench is now able to control the energy saving features of your phone:
  • The energy saving features are now disabled in order to maximize performance of your device. The screen will remain powered on during all the computing test.
  • Better memory handling and bug fixes:
  • Some phones presented a performance panalty if the test was executed in an unique session. This has been fixed.
  • Added a check for another API:
  • FPC Bench is now able to detect Nokia API.
  • Vibration is now disabled by default:
  • This is a much wanted feature by users and now it's disabled by default. It's still possible to enable it in the option menu.
FPC Bench 2.7.13 Changelog.
  • Important bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug in 2M MultiThread test:
  • Fixed a visualization problem in the progress bar, fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in NetMeter:
  • Fixed a bug in NetMeter that prevents many newer phones to select the appropriate test with choicegroup.
FPC Bench 2.7.12 Changelog.
  • New features and bug fixes:
  • New small font rendering:
  • FPC Bench now uses small font rendering for really good looking user interface. (Some Sony Ericsson could not support small font, in this case FPC Bench will use the older font).
  • NetMeter is now ready for WiFi:
  • NetMeter is now able to test your wifi internet connection if present.
  • Note: If you have a super fast internet connection it could be faster than your phone.
  • Fixed a user interface problem with huge resolutions:
  • Some phones don't render UI very well with a resolution greater than 240x320 or in landscape resolution, fixed.
  • Fixed a problem that displays FPCpackage instead of FPC Bench as app name:
  • This problem affects many Nokia phones and some other phones too.
  • Fixed a bug in NetMeter:
  • Back buttons under NetMeter now kill all active connections. In this way you can restart your internet test without any problem.
  • Fixed some annoyances with upload results menu.
FPC Bench 2.7.11 Changelog.
  • New features, dropped compatibility with older phones.
  • From now on, FPC Bench will run on JSR184 phones exclusively. Anyway, in order to ensure maximum compatibility, a dismissed version will continue to be available for MIDP1 and MIDP2 without a JSR184 implementation.
  • Info Tool is now ready to test the real time 3D graphics features of your phone. Info 3D menu added into Info Tool menu for the following tests:
    • maxLights
    • maxSpriteCropDimension
    • maxTextureDimension
    • maxTransformsPerVertex
    • maxViewportDimension
    • numTextureUnits
    • Check for Antialiasing support
    • Check for Dithering support
    • Check for LocalCameraLighting support
    • Check for Mipmapping support
    • Check for PerspectiveCorrection support
    • Check for TrueColor support
  • Database refactor to support this new features.
FPC Bench 2.7.10 Changelog.
  • New features and bug fixes:
  • Netmeter is now ready for HSUPA:
  • High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) is a 3G mobile telephony protocol in the HSPA family with up-link speeds up to 5.76 Mbit/s.
  • NetMeter code refactor:
  • NetMeter code has been refactored to grant the best compatibility with all handset.
  • Fixed a splash screen visualization issue:
  • Fixed a spash screen visualization issue that affect many phones.
  • Fixed three bugs on Display Info menu
  • Wrong resolution detection on some phones, fixed.
  • Display info may cause unexpected program crash on some Nokia phones, fixed.
  • Wrong text alignment on some phones, fixed.
FPC Bench 2.7.9 Changelog.
  • New features:
  • Netmeter now tests both download and upload speed:
  • Netmeter results may vary depending on network operator in use or its load factor.
  • Results:
  • Now when you send us your results from FPC Bench, you send also netmeter results. Download database now contains also netmeter results.
FPC Bench 2.7.7 Changelog.
  • Small update:
  • Simply a small update to NetMeter to point to this new server.
FPC Bench 2.7.6 Changelog.
  • New features and important bug fixes:
  • Fixed an important bug on Info Tool:
  • Fixed a bug that prevent to display Info Tool menu on some phones.
  • Added a check for one new important API.
  • JSR 248 Fully featured MSA
  • JSR 172 Web Services
  • JSR 177 Security & Trust
  • JSR 179 Location
  • JSR 180 SIP (for VoIP, IMS etc)
  • JSR 211 Content Handler
  • JSR 229 Payment
  • JSR 234 Multimedia Supplements
  • JSR 238 Internationalization
  • JSR 248 MSA subset
  • Reorganized menu for better usability.
  • New midlet icon.
  • Improved Info Tool menu rendering.
FPC Bench 2.7.5 Changelog.
  • Added a check for two new important APIs:
  • JSR 248 MSA Umbrella
  • This JSR creates a mobile service architecture and platform definition for the high volume wireless handsets continuing the work started in JSR-185 and enhancing the definition with new technologies.
  • JSR 256 Mobile Sensor API
  • The API provides general Sensor API that extends the usability and choice of sensors for J2ME applications. It defines generic sensor functionality optimized for the resource-constrained devices like mobile devices.
FPC Bench 2.7.4 Changelog.
  • Important bug-fixes:
  • On some phones NetMeter hangs using socket. Bug fixed.
FPC Bench 2.7.3 Changelog.
  • Small fixes:
  • Fixed a JSR 177 bug detection:
  • Fixed a bug that prevent FPC Bench to detect JSR 177 on some newer phones.
FPC Bench 2.7.1 Changelog.
  • Small fixes:
  • Fixed a JSR 177 bug detection:
  • Fixed a bug that prevent FPC Bench to detect JSR 177 on some newer phones.
FPC Bench 2.7 Changelog.
  • New features and bug fixes:
  • Upload results directly on our server:
  • Upload menu' now have a choicegroup to let you choose the way on how to send us results.
  • Send via SMS, same way used in previous version.
  • Send via Internet, this talk with our server-side and upload your results directly in it.
  • After uploaded your results with this function you can immediatly check it on http://www.dphost.org/unprocessed_results.php We will processed your results as soon as possible and we will add it to our database.
  • Huge code refactor:
  • With a code base growing in size and complexity, this is needed for even further exciting development!
FPC Bench 2.6.11 Changelog.
  • New features and bug fixes:
  • NetMeter is now able to maximize your bandwith thanks to socket connection.
  • Added a choicegroup to choose connection type.
  • Added a specific test for GPRS connection.
  • Added a specific test for EDGE connection.
  • Added a specific test for UMTS connection.
  • Added a specific test for HSDPA connection.
  • Added a choicehroup to choose connection protocol. HTTP: more compatible, more overhead. Socket: best choice if your phone support it, less overhead.
  • Fixed update function:
  • Update function now link to JAD file. This improve compatibility on many phones.
FPC Bench 2.6.10 Changelog.
  • New features to test your internet connection speed:
  • FPC Bench is now able to test your average internet speed connection. This test should be influenced from the load of your internet connection. Your provider may charge for the data you are transferring.
FPC Bench 2.6.8 Changelog.
  • New features:
  • FPC Bench is now able to detect for Infusio EGE Platform support.
  • In-Fusio EGE platform provide a better discovery engine, with some improved elements, especially regarding security and multiplayer capacities. The platform brings many capacities that are not yet possible today (even in latest up to date phone, as most of the features are not yet standardised) like the ability to launch a J2ME application from another for instance, to allow a better user experience. The good thing is most of improvment of older versions will become standard features in future phones.
FPC Bench 2.6.7 Changelog.
  • New features and bug fixes. FPC Bench is now ready for future devices.
  • FPC Bench is now able to detect NEW important APIs
  • JSR 172 = Java ME web service specification.
  • JSR 209 = Advanced graphics and user interface.
  • JSR 226 = Scalable 2D vector graphics.
  • JSR 229 = Payment API.
  • JSR 234 = Advanced Multimedia API.
  • JSR 238 = Mobile internationalization API.
  • JSR 239 = Java binding for OpenGL ES.
  • Added "Send ALL" menu.
  • With this menu you can upload all possible results with one click. This menu send us Info Tool menu results, RMS Speedometer results and the latest calculated digit. PLEASE USE THIS FEATURE IN ORDER TO HELP OUR DATABASE GROWING!
  • Phone Info menu changed name in Info Tool.
  • Info tool now displays JSR xxx with the respective name.
  • Fixed splash screen on Nokia.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents to display splash screen at startup with some nokias.
  • Fixed detection for JSR177, JSR211.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the correct detection of this APIs on some phones.
FPC Bench 2.6.5 Changelog.
  • A bunch of new features for RMS memory has been added:
  • RMS Speedometer test:
  • FPC Bench is now able to check reading and writing speed of your RMS memory. Be aware that this features strongly depends of your FPC Bench installation. Phone's memory is generally slightly faster than a removable memory.
  • RMS size detection:
  • FPC Bench is now able to detect the available RMS size. Among other things, is now possible to send this result within a new menu.
  • Disp Info menu:
  • It now prints the availability of a double buffered canvas.
  • Huge code refactor:
  • With a code base growing in size and complexity, this is needed for even further exciting development.
FPC Bench 2.6.1 Changelog.
  • Small fix:
  • We have moved to a new server, this version correct "Update" function to point to this new server. From now you can't use Update menu' in the previous version of FPC Bench.
FPC Bench 2.6 Changelog.
  • New features and bug fixes:
  • Progress bar has been restructured, now it display percentage on all phones.
  • Added SentTelInfo submenu' in Upload menu'.
  • This menu' send us phone info/features, this is very important to create the best database ever. Now you can see much more details on your phone from our database.
  • Added a chech for JSR 257.
  • Fixed a problem that afflict some SonyEricsson, now it perform better result.
  • Improved compatibility
  • More accurate result
  • Code cleanup
FPC Bench 2.5.3 Changelog.
  • New features:
  • Startup is much faster than previous version
  • Added "DispInfo" submenu in the "PhoneInfo" menu
  • Now FPC Bench can tell you the maximum resolution supported by your phone in a game/application environment.
  • Now FPC Bench can detect the maximum number of colors supported in an application/game.
  • Fixed some GUI problem on some phones.
FPC Bench 2.5.2 Changelog.
  • A small release with a new feature and an important fix.
  • NEW: A new check for JSR 135 (MMAPI) has been implemented.
  • FIX: A critical bug that prevent having the 512 and 1M test completed has been fixed.
  • A phone that triggered this bug was Motorola RAZR V3X, for example.
FPC Bench 2.5.1 Changelog.
  • New features:
  • Added an alert in upload menu to inform if the msg has been sent correctly.
  • Added a check for JSR API in Phone Info menu:
  • JSR 75: File System access API.
  • JSR 82: Bluetooth/OBEX API.
  • JSR 118: Mobile Information Device Profile API.
  • JSR 120: Wireless Messaging API (WMA 1.1).
  • JSR 139: Connected Limited Device Configuration 1.1
  • JSR 177: Security and Truste Services API.
  • JSR 179: Location API.
  • JSR 180: SIP API.
  • JSR 184: Mobile 3D Graphics.
  • JSR 185: Java Tech for Wireless Industry API.
  • JSR 205: Wireless Messaging API (WMA 2.0).
  • JSR 211: Content Handler API.
  • Now download button (in update menu') point directly to wap site, this fix a problem downloading the new version of FPC Bench on some phones.
  • Code cleanup.
FPC Bench 2.5 Changelog.
  • New features and bug fixes.
  • GUI has been restructured.
  • Fixed a bug that causes form visualization issue on some phones.
  • Fixed a bug that causes freezes.
  • Fixed update function, now is linked to this new host.
  • Menu' speed improvement.
  • RMS data storing speed improvement.
  • Code cleanup.
Note: Newer version of FPC Bench supplies coherent result with previous version.

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